What Android Go is, and why you should care

Android O by CNET on Revu Philippines

ODAY’S keynote address at the Google I/O 2017 developer conference saw the announcement of Android Go. What is it, and why should you care? To put it simply, it’s a basic mobile operating system for basic phones.

Selfie banking now in PH, courtesy of UnionBank

Selfie banking in the Philippines via Vulcan Post

E’VE had UnionBank of the Philippines’ EON card since 2013 because we needed it to get our salary from Yahoo. Obviously, we haven’t used it since we left the company because we didn’t even know that a lot of features have been added to it. Well, not until we came across a story that says the bank has introduced selfie …

Job alert: Ubisoft PH wants you to play games all day — and get paid for it

Video gaming_Revu Philippines

UR ideal job is the one we have created for ourselves. But if you’re still looking for a gig, and you play video games a ton — to the disgruntlement of your parents, we presume — your dream job is currently up for grabs. Ubisoft Philippines is hiring full-time testers, per the company’s official Facebook page.

Nintendo Switch: Your questions answered

Nintendo Switch FAQs

INTENDO just unveiled the Switch in its native Japan. It was met with oohs and aahs and hand claps from spectators, as expected, but it also armed critics with plenty of skepticism over whether it can truly make Nintendo relevant again in this generation.

NBA app now lets you save games for offline viewing

Downloading of games possible with NBA app a

HE NBA app for Android and iOS has improved dramatically over the previous months. In fact, it’s one of our favorite streaming apps across both ecosystems because it’s reliable and the interface is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. And because ever since we cut the cord on cable and went all-in on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the like, it’s …

How to use free VPN to watch US movies, shows on Android or iOS

Free unlimited VPN for Amazon Prime Video and Direct TV Now

OR a lot of us, the holidays are a chance to unwind and spend time with family and friends. It’s also the time to kick back and catch up on some quality programming with said family and friends, to “Netflix and chill,” so to speak.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition clones sell for as low as P999

Nintendo NES Classic mini clone

HE Nintendo NES Classic Edition, a mini version of the popular video-game console from the ’80s, is one of the perfect gifts you can give someone or yourself this Christmas. However, it has become the holy grail of sorts; it’s just hard to find in the Philippines.

Amazon Prime Video now available worldwide, including PH [UPDATED]

E have been Amazon Prime Video users for a while now, using a VPN [virtual private network] connection to be able to watch our favorite shows. But we’ve been monitoring the local Play Store and App Store almost every day since it was announced that Amazon is preparing for a global launch of its streaming-video service. Today, December 14, look at …

The 10 most popular guys in video-game history

EMEMBER the first time you held a joystick or a control pad? Remember the first video-game character you played? Chances are, that protagonist has had a great impact on your life as a gamer. So this week, with news of Super Mario Run coming to mobile in December, we’re paying homage to the guys who have punched, kicked, jumped, fired, rolled, slashed, …

Download Super Mario Run for free starting December 15th, but…

EMEMBER that one gaming-related announcement at the Apple iPhone 7 launch that made you take a walk down memory lane? Hold your breath! Nintendo has finally revealed that you can download Super Mario Run for iOS starting December 15 — for free!

When your phone will get Android Nougat

Cherry Mobile One G1 Android One phone_Philippines

ATA collected by Google on the first week of November tells us the sorry state of Android. It turns out that Android Nougat, the latest version of the mobile operating system released on August 22, is installed on less than 0.4 percent of all Android devices. Most are still stuck on Android Lollipop.

How NBA 2K17 for Android is different from the iOS version

E love NBA 2K17 for mobile; we think it’s one of the best and most graphically impressive mobile games out there. We said it in our review, and we’ll say it again here: NBA 2K17 is worthy of the franchise it belongs to.

NBA 2K17 for Android and iOS review: Worthy of the name

BA 2K16 for Android and iOS wasn’t a good port — it had no audio commentary at launch; it ran slow as molasses on most devices, and many weren’t able to run it at all. A year after its release, it’s still nowhere as good as its console and PC counterpart (you can read our review here), nowhere as good …

NBA 2K17 review: As real as it gets

(Note: I will be coming out with another piece detailing NBA 2K17’s MyCareer and online modes. I feel that they deserve more focus and more hours spent playing them.) remember my first game in NBA 2K17 so vividly. I set up a rematch of last season’s NBA Finals, reigning NBA champs Cleveland Cavaliers, squaring up against Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, …

Sony PS4 Pro: Should you get it on launch day?

t a press event in New York City, which you may have already heard about, Sony finally took the wraps off of two new PlayStation consoles: a slimmer version that we all saw coming — a model the company simply referred to as “PS4” — and the more powerful PS4 Pro, originally code-named Neo.

How to update Cherry Mobile One G1 to Android 7.0 Nougat

Cherry Mobile One G1 Android One phone_Philippines

oogle’s Android 7.0 Nougat update is already being pushed over the air to Nexus phones and tablets and the General Mobile 4G, the first Android One device for Europe. But it turns out the 4G isn’t the only Android One release getting some Nougat love. Some Cherry Mobile One G1 users over at XDA Forums have received the update over …

Most popular emoji in PH + other emoji facts

We had tried to steer clear of using emojis — for naught. We’ve finally given in to their power, and today, our messages are littered with them. We’re not alone. Even brands are in on the action, as they target the picture-loving millennial generation with emojis. It’s no wonder then that the world now pays tribute to these digital icons.

How to watch Gilas Pilipinas games live on your phone for free

All the good seats to Gilas Pilipinas’ games at the 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament have long been sold out. Even if you do find a source who will gladly sell you tickets, getting a good view of the court will set you back anywhere from P7,000 (about $150) to north of P10,000 ($210) per seat.