FAQs: Smart’s ‘tingi-tingi’ video data bundles

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Roughly two weeks after announcing its partnership with Skype, Smart Communications has introduced new video data plans to make online video content more accessible to Pinoys. We say accessible because the bundles should appeal to the sachet or tingi-tingi nature of Filipinos. Imagine availing yourself of a plan as low as P5.

So what are the offers all about? How do you subscribe to them? We answer these questions and more in the guide below. Promise, this should be quick.

What are Smart’s new video data plans?

There are four bundles:

* YouTube5, where you pay P5 to get 65MB of data for 15 minutes of standard-definition video streaming on mobile phones. This is valid for a day;

* YouTube25, where you spend — yes, you got it right — P25 to enjoy 160MB of data for 35 minutes of standard-def video streaming on handsets. Again, it’s valid for one day;

* YouTube50, for 400MB of data for 90 minutes of standard-def video streaming, valid for three days. This is worth P50; and

* YouTube199, where your P199 gives you 1,200MB of data for 270 minutes of standard-def video streaming, valid for 30 days.

Do the bundles only cover videos watched on YouTube?

Nope. The plans may have the word “YouTube” in the keywords, but you can also avail yourself of any of the plans when you want to use Dailymotion, Vimeo, Viewstream, Skype Qik, and app-of-the-moment Dubsmash.

How does one subscribe to any one of the new video data bundles?

It’s simple. Just text YOUTUBE5, YOUTUBE25, YOUTUBE50, or YOUTUBE199 to 9999. You may also dial *121#, which is Smart’s access number for all of its promos.

Can you take advantage of them even if you are on an existing package?

Definitely. Your existing data subscription won’t be affected.

How about the payment process?

Smart has made it simple for its subscribers. Once you have successfully registered to a plan, you get an instant notification of your subscription. The amount will be charged against your prepaid load or billed on top of your monthly service fee.

How will you know that you have used up your subscription? What now?

There’s no bill shock to worry about, as the plans are covered by Load Protect, which should, well, protect you from unwanted data charges. You get a warning message when your subscription is nearing expiration. You will also be directed to a paywall when you have fully consumed your subscription.

Are the offers available to Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text subscribers as well?

Yes, they are.

MY TAKE: The tingi-tingi mindset prevalent in the Philippines, where Filipinos buy items in sachets instead of in whole packages, shows the financial capability of the people. The country’s poverty incidence is at 25.8 percent, so a lot of Pinoys live by the day. Going for the whole shebang just doesn’t cut it often here. You can see it in sari-sari stores, where items are micro-packaged to make them more affordable. You can see it in our palengke.

This culture has extended to the telecommunications sector as well. Can’t afford a P1,500 (sort of) unlimited data package? Subscribe to something that will cost you only few pesos — and only when you need it.

A lot of Pinoys live by the day, so just for this move to give more Filipinos access to online video content alone, I say, ‘You’re doing it right, Smart.’

So just for this move to give more Filipinos access to online video content alone, I say, “You’re doing it right, Smart.”

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