And the top 5 phone brands in Southeast Asia are…

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Research firm IDC has posted a new report about smartphone shipments in Southeast Asia in the first quarter of 2015, along with a list of the top 5 brands in the region. IDC’s findings reveal that Samsung, Apple, ASUS, OPPO, and Huawei shipped the most number of phones, with the Korean electronics giant accounting for 23 percent of the market on 5.5 million units sold.

IDC’s findings reveal that Samsung, Apple, ASUS, OPPO, and Huawei shipped the most number of phones in Southeast Asia.

Apple came in second with a 7.5 percent share on 1.8 million sales, while ASUS, OPPO, and Huawei ended up in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Curiously enough, the latter three gained market share over the same quarter last year, while Samsung and Apple lost sales to their rivals over the said period, indicating that more and more people in Asia are buying phones from brands not named Samsung or Apple.

Of the five, OPPO comes as a huge surprise given its relative inexperience in making Android smartphones. If anything, it speaks to the company’s aggressive retail push that I keep hearing about. Here’s a chart culled from the IDC website showing smartphone shipments this year and last:

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IDC also notes that Southeast Asia saw a slight decline (9.5 percent) in overall smartphone sales compared to the previous quarter (Q4 2014), though, the number represents significant growth (65 percent) when measured year-over-year (Q1 2014).

Another interesting observation is that 4G LTE-capable and 4.5- to 5.3-inch smartphones now account for 25 and 53 percent of the market, respectively, which reflects a growing preference for feature-rich devices.

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