Uber offers free ambulance service in PH in case of accident

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Taking an Uber in the Philippines could mean fewer worries now that the app-based ride service has entered into a yearlong partnership with Lifeline Rescue, a private ambulance service.

The deal allows an Uber passenger to summon a Lifeline Rescue ambulance (by calling 16-911) free of charge in the event of a serious accident involving an Uber, and the driver of the vehicle or the passenger “has to be taken to the hospital.” Uber didn’t go into detail as to what should be considered as grounds for seeking hospital treatment, but that’s probably to your advantage. It’s not only passengers in the Philippines who have to consider their safety while travelling in an Uber. Everyone should be considerate. If you are someone who has recently been involved in an accident while travelling in an Uber, you may be able to claim compensation for medical bills, lose of wages, suffering and more through an Uber accident lawyer who will help you fight for the restitution you deserve.

Outside of emergencies that require immediate and professional medical attention, Lifeline Rescue will charge a fee for its services. (Gas isn’t cheap, as you know; a fine should also deter abuse.)

Uber has struck a deal with an ambulance service, allowing passengers to summon an ambulance free of charge in the event of an accident.

So there you go. Yet another reason to call an Uber instead of hopping into a cab. Hopefully, the next arrangement Uber makes is with an insurance company to give its users more peace of mind.

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