Waze: Metro Manila worst place for motorists, commuters

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Waze has confirmed what many of us knew all along but had no data to show for it: Metro Manila has the “worst traffic” on the planet, the Google-owned crowdsourced navigation app said in its Global Driver Satisfaction Index. Waze arrived at the observation after pooling the driving experience of 50 million users from 32 countries and 167 metropolitan areas.

The Philippines ranked among the worst places on Earth for motorists and commuters, while Metro Manila figured to be the last place you’d want to be behind the wheel, followed by Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and Indonesia’s Jakarta.

Metro Manila has the ‘worst traffic’ on the planet, Waze said in its Global Driver Satisfaction Index.

Metro Manila also recorded the longest commute time in the world at 45.5 minutes, which is 7 minutes longer than the average time it takes for New Yorkers to get from point A to point B (38.7 minutes).

Of course, if you’ve lived in Metro Manila long enough, you don’t need an app to tell you that the megacity’s traffic situation is getting out of hand, with no resolution in sight. But hey, at least our roads are teeming with gas stations and parking spaces (also according to Waze), right? (Insert sarcastic emoticon here.)

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