YAAO 6000 Plus smartphone has a 10,900mAh battery

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A little over a week ago, we featured 10 locally available smartphones with batteries above 4,000mAh. Battery-wise, the most impressive unit we wrote about was the recently announced Cherry Mobile Flare S5 Power, which carries a tablet-grade 6,050mAh cell and provides two days of continued use (or more, if you’re being prudent about what you do with the device).

But even that marathon runner of a handset has nothing on this clunky specimen from China. If you think that companies have done everything they can to cram as much battery into a smartphone form factor, then you haven’t seen anything yet. See that image above? You’re looking at the YAAO 6000 Plus. And it has a 10,900mAh removable battery, which we’re assuming is an unprecedented feat in smartphone history. The Plus — we’re also assuming — is shorthand for “plus 4,900mAh,” because otherwise, what else could it possibly stand for?

Besides rendering a large power bank useless, as well as thin-shaming almost every other phone, the YAAO 6000 Plus also draws attention to its flashy rugged outer build. If anything, it reminds us of a Vertu handset, but minus the cow leather and all the premium finishes. It won’t appeal to everyone — us included.

The YAAO 6000 Plus reminds us of a Vertu smartphone — minus the cow leather and all the premium finishes.

And a glance at the specs sheet won’t help its case. Beneath its imposing exterior, the YAAO 6000 Plus sports some underwhelming parts, including a 5-inch, 720p display; a quad-core MediaTek processor with 1GB of memory and 16GB of storage; and 13- and 5-megapixel rear and front cameras. The idea of a bargain-basement option with possibly the best battery life of any smartphone ever sounds a bit odd, but that’s exactly what the 6000 Plus is.

If you’re interested, you can get the YAAO 6000 Plus in China for the equivalent of $220 (roughly P11,000 in the Philippines). That’s a bit steep, and will probably deter all but the most committed. Then again, when it comes to phones with a massive juice box, there aren’t many choices out there.

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