Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest features via Revu Philippines

Diablo 4’s seasonal event is OP right now

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The new vampire-themed season of Diablo 4 is now live, following yesterday’s launch bogged down by hours of delay caused by technical issues with crossplay across PC and console platforms.

Having skipped the game’s first season, we decided to give Diablo 4 another chance and create a seasonal character in Season 2 to see if the massive changes to the core game, content updates, and added features actually meet the hype and are worth sticking around for. Disclaimer: Our minion-focused Necromancer is only level 35, but it’s already clear that Blizzard wants players to reach level 100 in Season of Blood while having plenty of things to do and even more build options to try out amid the grind, which should be easier this time around.

However, if there’s one content your seasonal character may want to focus on in Season of Blood, it’s the Blood Harvest event that’s new to the second season. It’s pretty OP right now, and you’ll be stronger for doing it now rather than later — before Blizzard realizes how generous it is in terms of XP gain and loot and decides to nerf it. If you’re not familiar, Blood Harvest is similar to the Helltide world event, but with its own mechanics and activities to participate in.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest features via Revu Philippines

Doing Blood Harvests will earn you a lot of Potent Blood to spend on your newfound vampiric powers. Some of which are OP, by the way

Unlike Helltide, which requires your character to complete the main campaign and unlock World Tier 3 or Nightmare difficulty, though, you’ll be able to do Blood Harvests straight away. Even at level 1 — although we recommend you to tackle the first few quests under the Season of Blood storyline (up to the point you unlock your class-agnostic vampiric powers, probably) to gain access to season-specific items and drops, particularly Potent Blood, which you spend to unlock and upgrade your powers.

Even better, as you advance to higher levels and difficulty tiers, the seasonal event will scale and remain active on the map. Once a Blood Harvest ends, another one will spawn in a different region of the map. Those last bits of information are important, because it basically means you can make Blood Harvests your go-to for leveling up and farming powerful gear and unique aspects.

Diablo 4 Season 2 Blood Harvest features via Revu Philippines

You can farm powerful early-game items and unique aspects in Blood Harvests. After finishing the campaign, you also unlock rewards for the Tree of Whispers by completing mini events

Not to mention, you’ll be able to earn Potent Blood to spend on your newfound vampire abilities after defeating hordes of vampires and Blood Seekers across various regions of Sanctuary. Once your character completes the main story, doing Blood Harvests will also unlock rewards for the Tree of Whispers, which is a core part of the Diablo 4’s endgame that allows you to receive chests containing category-specific or completely random loot for your character.

Season of Blood offers several interesting additions to the gameplay of Diablo 4, while vampiric powers and a bunch of new uniques will certainly make for some strong and interesting builds for each class. But clearly, Blood Harvests stand out as something you should immediately try and keep on doing even after clearing the story. It’s so OP now that we’ll probably sink most of our time into BH runs until we reach level 50 and unlock the Paragon Board and Glyphs system. By then, we’ll focus on farming Nightmare dungeons and endgame bosses to target build-specific unique items.

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