With MacBook, Apple to redefine gold standard for notebooks?

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(UPDATED) We didn’t think that the MacBook would steal the Apple Watch‘s limelight at the Cupertino-based company’s March 10 (March 9 in the U.S.) Spring Forward event. But it did.

It’s the first to get gold and space-gray variants. It’s the first to have a 12-inch display — and a Retina one at that. It’s the first after 4 years to chuck “Air” and “Pro” and simply go by the name “MacBook” again. It’s the first to go fanless. And it’s the lightest and thinnest Apple laptop yet, weighing a mere 2lbs and measuring only 13.1mm at its thickest point. If you’re going to buy this impressive, new model then there’s no point in leaving your old MacBooksititng around collecting dust so you might as well go to a site like https://www.sellyourmac.com/mac-trade-in.html and make some money off it.

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To get the svelte frame the notebook is sporting, though, Apple had to change a few things. For the new MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad, for example, the company eschewed the diving-board mechanism, which provides space underneath for a click’s downward motion. Apple made the whole thing a button instead. Click anywhere on the surface instead of just near the bottom, and the trackpad should be able to tell what you want to do based on the pressure you apply.

For the MacBook’s full-size keyboard, Apple used a butterfly mechanism. Because there’s not much room underneath, typing will feel as though you’re working on a touchscreen. Sounds familiar, Microsoft Surface users?

To make the notebook slim, you also get a new, small logic board that’s powered by a fifth-generation Intel Core M “Broadwell” processor; a logo that doesn’t glow; and just 1 port: a USB-C input. The space saved is now reserved for batteries, which should give you up to 9 hours of Web browsing or 10 hours of iTunes movie playback, according to Apple.

If you’re bent on getting the new MacBook, mark April 10 on your calendar. And be prepared to cough up P64,900 for the basic model or P79,990 for the higher-end version. (AG)

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Specs of the 2 Apple MacBook variants

ALORA UY GUERRERO’S TAKE: It’s déjà vu. The collective anger directed at the new MacBook from some of the people on Twitter reminds me of the time the original MacBook Air was launched in 2008. The first Air, more than its successors, was also a story of compromises. But then it went on to help Apple become the manufacturer that’s currently bucking the negative trend of the overall PC market. The 2008 computer turned out to be a showcase for what was to come.

The same can be said about the 2015 MacBook. I think it is Apple’s way of displaying what the future in computing will be like for people who are increasingly becoming more mobile, hence the P64,990 price tag for the basic model. Expect the SRP to drop in the next iteration, just as the original entry-level Air’s price fell from $1,799 (about P80,000) to $1,499 (roughly P67,000) after a year.

‘MacBook not for you? Great! Get an Air or Pro. Gold not for you? Great! Get aluminum or steel. Angry they exist? Yikes! Get a grip!’

The new MacBook may not be for you now, but it will be for the future you. So get a grip of yourself. Stop whining. iMore editor Rene Ritchie said it best: “MacBook not for you? Great! Get an Air or Pro. Gold not for you? Great! Get aluminum or steel. Angry they exist? Yikes! Get a grip!”

RAMON LOPEZ’S TAKE: There’s no question that Apple has had the Midas touch for years now, but the tech giant literally proved it Tuesday by showing off a redesigned MacBook in gold. And silver and (space) gray. Suddenly, it feels as though #MacBookLust is an actual thing, as opposed to a hashtag from Phil Schiller.

Apple may have introduced the ideal machine for couch browsing, watching movies, and basic productivity tasks.

Between Tim Cook enumerating Apple’s triumphs in the Far East, Tim Cook insisting that talking to a watch was something he had wanted to do since turning 5, and Tim Cook sharing the stage with Christy Turlington Burns — who got first dibs on the Apple Watch, to the chagrin of every tech journalist on the planet — the Cupertino-based company may have introduced the ideal machine for couch browsing, watching movies, and basic productivity tasks. An everyman’s MacBook that no combination of iPad and Bluetooth keyboard can hope to beat. And I’m all for it, never mind the added costs of cables and adapters and question marks over Intel’s new Core M processor. I suspect I’m not alone in thinking this.

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