Camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

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One of our biggest regrets about our first encounter with the Samsung Galaxy S6 back in March is that we weren’t able to take a lot of pictures using the smartphone. But we remember seeing a solid imaging foundation that’s impressive enough to make us whip out our iPhone 6 for some preliminary camera tests. Now that we have the S6 in our hands, we finally have a camera comparison between the two devices. Apple iPhones and Android are the most popular phones in the world so it’s no surprise that they’re always fighting to have the latest technology. Most of the features are similar, with some minor tweaks, and we’re here to help you decide which one you like best.

This one’s a smartphone shootout, people. Check out our video and read on to find out which flagship comes out on top. (RL)

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ALORA UY GUERRERO’S TAKE: I never thought I’d say this: An Android has finally edged out the iPhone in the “Best Camera Phone” race — and by Apple’s fiercest competition at that. The difference in quality may not be as huge as some reviewers make it out to be; the iPhone still rocks indoor shots, after all. However, an overall win is an overall win is an overall win.

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s camera is now THE gold standard against which other handsets’ shooters will be judged. It is what Sony handsets’ cam, among all, should aspire to be; the Japanese company, for all its might in the imaging category, has failed to bring the awesomeness of its Cyber-shots and Alphas to its Xperias. It is what the Xiaomis, the HTCs, the Lenovos of the world should study closely.

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s camera is now THE gold standard against which other handsets’ shooters will be judged.

For a phone manufacturer that fell from grace last year, the Korean company sure is climbing to the top fast. Welcome back, Samsung.

RAMON LOPEZ’S TAKE: The sample photos and videos speak for themselves. I think it’s fair to say that the Galaxy S6 beats the iPhone 6 on the imaging front, though Apple’s smartphone isn’t too far behind. And keep in mind: The American tech giant will release a new model later this year to replace its incumbent flagship, so Samsung’s victory, as sweet and surprising as it is, may be short-lived.

Regardless, I can’t say I’m not impressed with what Samsung has done with the new Galaxy S handset. You’re looking at one of the best camera phones in the business and the very best Android has to offer, bar none. Oh, and it takes really nice selfies as well.

People talk endlessly about how gorgeous and fast the Galaxy S6 is. Both observations are true, in case you’re wondering, but the biggest story here, or at least the one that needs to be told more often, revolves around the phone’s much-improved optics.

People talk endlessly about how gorgeous and fast the Samsung Galaxy S6 is. But the biggest story here revolves around the phone’s much-improved optics.

And while not enough has been said about picture quality so far, which is surprising considering how few Android devices are capable of taking great photos, when we look back at the Galaxy S6 next year, I think a lot of people will fondly remember a top-shelf effort that gave the iPhone a run for its money for best camera phone of 2015.

Specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (prices in the Philippines: P35,990 — 32GB) and S6 Edge (price in the Philippines: P41,990 — 32GB, P47,990 — 64GB):

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