Is this the Apple iPhone 7?

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Looking forward to seeing a redesigned iPhone in September? Don’t keep your hopes up; you might get disappointed.

The always-accurate French tech site has published what it claims to be a video and images of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. The smartphone in the clip and photos comes with a bigger yet more protruded rear camera; a more refined back with the absence of antenna lines; and an extra speaker. It also seems that rumors saying Apple is ditching the headphone jack are spot on.

However, there doesn’t appear to be anything else new with the iPhone 7 design-wise. We’re surprised, because traditionally, the company changes the look of its cash cow every other year. This iPhone is still reminiscent of 2015’s iPhone 6s and 2014’s 6.

What’s claimed to be the Apple iPhone 7 is still reminiscent of 2015’s iPhone 6s and 2014’s 6.

See the video and images for yourself.

iPhone 7 (left) vs iPhone 6s (right): Phones' right side

iPhone 7 (left) vs iPhone 6s (right): Phones’ right side

iPhone 7 (top) vs iPhone 6s (bottom): Left side

iPhone 7 (top) vs iPhone 6s (bottom): Phones’ left side

iPhone 7 (top) vs iPhone 6s (bottom): Phones' bottom

iPhone 7 (top) vs iPhone 6s (bottom): Phones’ bottom

If what we’re seeing here is really the iPhone 7, then we’re curious how the non-revolutionary design will affect Apple’s bottom line.

My take: The design of Apple’s upcoming smartphone may not deviate from its predecessors, but at least you can tell the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s apart. You can’t say the same about the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6. So if we are to be simplistic — and barring further global economic downturn, of course — iPhone 7 sales should do just fine. May not be “iPhone 6 sales” fine, but still fine.

My partner Ramon Lopez’s take: I’m actually okay with the iPhone not looking like George Jetson’s phone. Change can be overrated, and making changes for the sake of change could be a recipe for confusion and disaster. The iPhone 6, despite its generations-old looks, remains one of my favorite smartphone designs. But that’s just me.

What worries me more is the camera bulk around the back, which seems to be more in-your-face this time around. Then again, we’re still months away from seeing the next iPhone, so there’s still time for Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple crew to straighten things out (pun intended).

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