Difference between Globe GoSURF50, Smart Giga Surf 50

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You gotta love competition.

A day after Smart Communications revealed a P50 promo that lets you consume 1GB of data within three days, Globe Telecom also announced they have upgraded their GoSURF50.

Originally, GoSURF50 came with only 350MB allocation. Now, that number has been supersized to 1GB — and you get unlimited All-net Texts and Free Facebook along with it. To take advantage of this three-day Globe mobile-internet plan, text GOSURF50 to 8888 or dial *143#.

A caveat: You can’t use the whole 1GB of data to do whatever you want to do on the internet; 700MB is reserved for when you want to surf websites, and the remaining 300MB can be used to access free content from either Snapchat; Viber; Spotify; video sites YouTube and Dailymotion; and gaming apps Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Smart’s Giga Surf 50, on the other hand, allows you to consume the whole 1GB allocation and gives you an additional 300MB of data to access YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Dubsmash, Skype Qik, iflix, and Spinnr. Just text GIGA50 to 9999.

Should you wish to share part of your Giga Surf 50 load with another Smart subscriber, text PASADATA <Recipient’s Number> <Amount> MB to 808.

Which promo do you think gives more value for your money?

Smart Giga Surf 50 seems more up my alley than Globe GoSURF50, what with its additional 300MB data for apps such as YouTube. However, Globe’s promo, with its free unlimited texts to all networks, is obviously more ‘sulit’ if you’re still big on texting.

My take: Smart’s Giga Surf 50 seems more up my alley than Globe’s GoSURF50, what with its additional 300MB data for apps such as YouTube and Vimeo. However, Globe’s promo, with its free unlimited texts to all networks, is obviously more sulit if you’re still big on texting. But what’s a huge data cap if you can’t take advantage of it because of slow connection? It’s time telcos and the government work together to make sure the Philippines won’t be the laughingstock of global internet speed anymore.

My partner Ramon Lopez’s take: Competition is indeed a good thing, especially in this part of the world where fast and reliable internet isn’t a certainty. And in a market where consumers have little control over prices and the quality of service, you have to take the breaks when they come along. Cheaper internet is a welcome sight, but it shouldn’t stop there. Next on the consumer agenda is speed (because what use is a bigger data allocation without a connection that will enable you to enjoy content?) followed by data expiration. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll eventually cross those bridges sooner rather than later.

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  • Jeremy

    surfmax is better value than gigasurf because of “smart’s” stupidity in the programming of their systems.
    If you subscribe to surfmax, you can actually get double the advertised data allowance because the allowance is reset at midnight. so if you subscribe at lunchtime, u can download 800MB from lunch till midnight, then another 800 MB from midnight to lunch the next day when it will expire.
    Gigasurf doesnt have that awesome stupidity, so u pay the same money and get only 1 gb, plus 300 MB free data.
    so in effect
    Surfmax = 1.6GB for 50 pesos (by subscribing half way through the day)
    gigasurf = 1.3GB for 50 pesos.

    If you want to use more than 800 MB in your afternoon on the surfmax promo, u just have 2 simcards,, or however many u need to keep adding to have enough data.

    This shows the lack of intellect of the most intelligent people in this country.

  • Lynard

    Globe? Most notorious telecom in the Philippines. End of story.

  • Mabilis connection ko sa Gigasurf ng SMART. Actually, wala akong masyadong reklamo sa speed ng smart mobile data — nasa QC ako and my connection at home is always at 4G. Bumababa lang to the point ng G or H+ pag lumabas ng bahay, especially Caloocan City. I guess masyadong limited yung coverage ng network nila kaya ganun. Pero kung LTE yung phone mo and LTE rin yung sim, and nasa area ka na malakas ang signal, kaya ang mabilis na connection.

  • kwago

    narereset ba daily ung 300mbdata daily?

  • Artanis

    Smart and Globe gifted the consumers with great data packages but without assurance of internet speed. The main culprit of all is PLDT along with NTC’s incompetence and abuse of other Telcos. Don’t be fooled by packages and free Wi-fi, the Philippines is still one of the slowest and most expensive internet connectivity in Asia. The Indonesian tycoon is getting richer.

  • sugarcake10

    Will the giga surf 799 or 499…. will it be renewed everyday like for example u get 4.5 gig a day or is 4.5 gig for the whole 30 days?

  • Hassan Sultan

    Parang di naman totoo to sir, kakaload ko lang gosurf 50 sabi 1gb ang cap after 1 video nag send sa akin na 289mb na lang ung left sa akin. di makatarungan tong promo na to bulok service ng globe.. sayang pera ko,

    • Did you view the video in HD? HD video streaming can quickly burn your data allowance.

  • Dailyn Dapin

    pwede pang pocket wifi yung gigasurf50? and consumable ba yung 1gb? huawei po na wifi.

  • Pareho silang worst botth SMART PLDT and Globe though mas malakas lang ng kunti ang signal ng Globe kaysa SMART PLDT pero yun nga lang pinaka mahal at pinakamahina parin ang internet connection ng both Globe at SMART PLDT.

    Kaya dapat we people of The Philippines should unite and support the passage of the death penalty bill and what our local telcos have been doing here is economic sabbotage and should be punishable by death!

    Let’s all unite to ask government to allow foreign telcos to operare here in PH independently!

    Death penalty to Manny V. Pangilinan and his family including the owners of Globe coz they have stolen and corrupted billions of pesos from the Filipino people since time immemorial!

    Restore death penalty now bcoz life can’t wait!

    👊 #DeathPenaltyToCorruptTelcos #AllowForeignTelcosInPH

  • Bobot Boy Labadan

    i have both SIM. as to speed, in my location globe performs better at 1.2mbps compared to smart 484kbps.

    • Alora Uy Guerrero

      Because we’re based in BGC (an Ayala “country”), Globe performs better here as well. 🙂

  • RevLito

    LTE ba yung Giga Surf?

    • Alora Uy Guerrero

      That’s for LTE, too, yes. 🙂

  • Paolo Luis Montecillo

    Uy si Alora. Kilala ko yan.

    • Alora Uy Guerrero

      Che. How’s Beijing?