Recall program: How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in PH

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Less than a week after issuing a recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units over exploding batteries, Samsung Electronics Philippines has announced details of its replacement program. This, despite no cases of battery fires being recorded in the country.

If you bought a Note 7 from Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, or an authorized store on or before September 7, we strongly urge you to take advantage of the program. Better to be safe than sorry, especially when you hear of instances like this Jeep catching fire because of the phone. We’re just bummed it will start on October 1 — and will run until December 31, 2016 — which is still three weeks away from now. It’s earlier in some countries.

So, how does the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement program work? Here’s what you need to know.

1) If you bought your device from an authorized retailer, bring the Note 7, the box, the proof of purchase, and a valid ID to the store where you bought the phone. You also have the option to visit any Samsung customer-service center. Your handset will be replaced with a new unit of the same color. The warranty date will be changed to reflect the date of the replacement.

2) If you purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from Globe, Smart, or Lazada, you will have to contact the telco or online store directly.

3) If you didn’t buy your phone in the Philippines or if you purchased it here but are already based in another country, contact Samsung’s customer-service center in the country that you’re in.

4) If you wish to have your Note 7 replaced with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, refer to item 1, 2, or 3. This time, you can choose the color of the S7 Edge, depending on availability. You’ll be reimbursed the difference between the SRP of the Note 7 and the S7 Edge. That should be around P5,000, and you’ll get the money immediately if you’re in a store. If you’re in a customer-service center, expect a check to be delivered to you within two weeks.

5) If you’d rather have the full reimbursement than get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or replace it with an S7 Edge, visit the store where you bought your device. Don’t forget to bring the Note 7, the box, the proof of purchase, and a valid ID. You will be reimbursed P39,990. You may go to a Samsung customer-service center as well, but don’t expect a cash reimbursement; a check will be delivered to you within two weeks.

We don’t know how many Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units were sold in the Philippines; Samsung Electronics Philippines’ chief marketing officer Chad Sotelo said they don’t have clearance to give that information. Whatever that number is, this recall should be a headache for them.

MY ADDITIONAL TAKE: I called the hotline of one telco hours ago, and the customer-service representative I talked to didn’t even know Samsung Electronics Philippines has already released details of its Galaxy Note 7 replacement program. He insisted Samsung hasn’t announced any information yet and even asked me where I heard about it. It seems that there’s a disconnect between Samsung and its partners. If the telco has failed to cascade the info to the front liners, then it’s giving Samsung a bad name.

MY PARTNER RAMON LOPEZ’S TAKE: When Samsung announced the massive recall a week ago, it said it will make the replacement process “as convenient and efficient as possible.” I don’t know about you, but waiting three weeks to return something that could pose a fire hazard isn’t exactly consumer-friendly. And frustration, even anger, can seem justified knowing that in the U.S. and other countries, Samsung is already accepting returns and issuing refunds to early adopters of the Note 7.

Samsung is even tossing in a $25 (about P1,200) gift card for U.S. customers who exchange their phones “as a gesture of appreciation.” If you are switching to the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, the company will refund the price difference, as well the price of any Note 7 accessories you’ve already purchased. The UK’s Carphone Warehouse has previously announced a £25 (roughly P1,600) credit will be disbursed to those who pre-ordered the phone.

In Australia, Note 7 replacements will be available from September 21. Yes — before you can even step foot into any Samsung store or service location in the Philippines to have your unit exchanged. I hate to state the obvious, but apparently, there’s a hierarchy between Note 7 customers, with those living stateside and living down under getting the better end of the exchange (heh).

In Australia, Note 7 replacements will be available earlier than in the Philippines. I hate to state the obvious, but apparently, there’s a hierarchy between Note 7 customers, with those living stateside and living down under getting the better end of the exchange (heh).

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