Kingston 2TB Flash Drive, highest-capacity USB flash drive

Who needs a hard drive or SSD? Kingston has a 2TB USB flash drive

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JUST how much space can a thumb drive accommodate before it is maxed out? Kingston set out to find the answer and came up with 2 terabytes (not a typo).

Which is insane, really, because that’s more storage than many laptops provide, and enough to carry 70 hours of ultra-crisp — and ultra-data-heavy — 4K video. And even better, it’s no longer than a regular USB flash drive, not as bulky as you would think.

This is the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT, the “world’s highest-capacity USB flash drive.” It comes in 1TB and 2TB sizes and offers USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5Gbps) speeds. With that much space, who needs a hard drive? (That’s a rhetorical question, so don’t bother.) Of course, you will still have your hard drive, you might even want to sell it, there are companies out there who make the claim We Buy Used Hard Drives / Sell Hard Drives Fast-Free Shipping giving you a chance to swap out your old hard drive for a new one!

This is the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT, the ‘world’s highest-capacity USB flash drive.’

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT isn’t Kingston’s first attempt at making your hard drive (and flash drive) feel inadequate. In 2013, it made headlines with a flash drive that can store as much as 1TB. That item is still being sold online for $1,200 (about P60,000) — presumably against all practical advice. To be fair, there are a few use cases for high-capacity flash drives, though we can’t imagine many people spending an exorbitant amount for them despite their obvious allure.

Although pricing has not been set for the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, expect to pay an eye-watering premium — probably somewhere around $2,500 (approximately P124,000) for the 2TB version — when it drops next month.

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