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7 reasons the Vivo V11’s Halo FullView Display has us excited

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International smartphone manufacturers have developed advancements to make phones more cost-effective yet functional at the same time.

The trend nowadays is constantly adapting to the needs of consumers who see their smartphones as their personal computers. A mobile phone is no longer considered just a mobile phone, especially now that we’re quickly moving to the age of artificial intelligence-based computing.

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That said, smartphone screen size matters more than we usually acknowledge. And with the Vivo V11, the company’s latest technological breakthrough, immersive and transformative experiences are made possible thanks to its 6.41-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display and impressive 91.27-percent screen-to-body ratio. 

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Having a bigger and taller screen with extra-slim bezels offers several advantages. Here are seven reasons the Vivo V11’s Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display is a key feature that has the tech community all excited.

Visual amusement

The Vivo V11 doesn’t just have a huge Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display, the screen also has a high pixel density for stunning clarity and detail. The massive display can fit more apps and widgets and is suitable for users who apply high-definition static or live wallpapers on their lock screens and home screens.

Better imaging experience

The immense display is advantageous and comfortable for viewing photos one has taken. Taking pictures on a tiny screen won’t allow you to use the camera controls easily. It’s difficult to tweak the settings on a smaller panel while avoiding mistouches.

The Vivo V11’s 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen, with incredibly thin bezels measuring just 1.76mm on both sides and 3.8mm on the chin, not only allows you to frame photos like a professional photographer, but also fine-tune the camera settings with little effort for optimal results.

Superior viewing experience

Ask anyone who prefers watching movies and other video content on their mobile device, they’d tell you they want a bigger screen with ample detail and natural colors. The Vivo V11’s Halo FullView Display provides just that — in a super-compact body with a 3D-glass curved design, might we add.

Enhanced gameplay

A bigger screen makes excellent game graphics stand out even more. Large game files also need a lot of storage space and processing speed.

The Vivo V11’s 6GB of RAM delivers an ultra-smooth gaming experience, while the generous 128GB of built-in storage can help prevent you from running out of space at the worst possible times. In addition, the all-new Auto Gaming Mode keeps games running in the background while you attend to other things, so you’ll never lose your progress again.

Improved video chat

Many Filipinos live abroad. We all know someone who has a relative or friend overseas. To stay in touch with people who live in other area codes, we use video-chat apps when online messaging won’t cut it. And for the best experience during video calls, you’re going to want a massive screen with a crisp resolution and almost zero bezels like the Vivo V11.

Enjoyable web browsing

Having a sizable smartphone display is crucial when browsing the web, because more screen space means more text and images can be shown on the screen. Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds and posting updates on social media are also always better done on bigger touchscreens.

Quicker, more accurate typing

If you love chatting with friends via messaging apps, the Vivo V11’s Halo FullView Display is ideal for you, as it will help you write quicker while preventing mistakes, which are too common when thumb-typing on a smaller display. With more screen space, you can also easily edit text files on your phone while you’re out and about.

Vivo V11 price, specs and availability or release date on Revu Philippines

The Vivo V11 looks amazing.

In addition to a big and almost-bezel-less screen that also adds fingerprint scanning right into the panel, the Vivo V11 features a curved 3D body in Starry Night and Nebula fusion colors.

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Vivo has become an industry leader in incorporating technologies that cater to modern Filipino consumers who are all about style, comfort, and functionality. The Vivo V11 checks all these boxes and more.

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