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Samsung patent shows stretchable smartphone screen

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We’ve already seen foldable phones, but what about one with a screen that stretches? A new Samsung patent was discovered last week showing a smartphone with a “stretchable display.”

The diagrams show the screen increasing its length a few inches without any discontinuity. The smartphone featured has narrow left and right sides, but sports a wider chin. You can increase or decrease the size of the display at will, thanks to the moveable backside plate.

Samsung stretchable screen phone patent via Revu Philippines

This diagram shows the smartphone screen increasing its length a few inches without any discontinuity

The patent also describes a sensor that can recognize the change in touch input in real time to calculate how much it needs to increase or decrease the screen size.

Possible applications could be in the areas of media consumption, gaming, or just about anything that requires a bigger display.

Samsung stretchable screen phone patent via Revu Philippines

A possible application

According to the reports, Samsung already has designs for telescopic screens, folding panels, and even flexible ones. And the company hopes to patent these designs as soon as possible. This particular patent was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in June, and it was officially announced on December 19.

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Samsung has hinted at the possibility of a stretchable smartphone as far back as 2013. The Korean tech giant talked about the concept alongside a foldable and rolling-display phone.

We already saw what Samsung could do with a foldable phone, so now we’re curious about what a stretchable display will be like in real life. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a patent will turn to an actual product. But we can certainly hope it becomes a thing.

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