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Here are 5 ways to give your OPPO phone the care it deserves

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For practical and discerning buyers, after-sales services play a crucial role in the decision for which smartphone to buy. It is, after all, an essential investment that should be maximized for many years of use.

Understanding how valuable smartphones are to Filipinos’ daily lives, OPPO Philippines offers holistic services to care for your smartphone and shares helpful tips to give your device the care it deserves.

Use a screen protector for your phone

You want to keep your phone’s display in the best condition possible, because this is arguably the most important part of the device. Without screen protection, it may suffer from fingerprint smudges, cracks, and scratches. A trusty screen protector is an added layer of security you should consider.

OPPO Care Plus offers free Screen Protector Service when you visit any OPPO store and an extended warranty so you can enjoy a pristine screen for a long time. This service offers a one-time free screen replacement, so you can carry your OPPO smartphone worry-free.

Keep your device in tip-top shape, inside and out

Maintaining your OPPO smartphone’s cleanliness is good for your health and the health of your device. Smartphones can house up to 10 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat. You risk exposing yourself to so many germs if you don’t clean your device regularly. To clean your phone, unplug and turn it off first. You can use a disinfectant wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant spray. You should spray cleaners onto a soft cloth, which you’ll then wipe your device with.

OPPO Care offers free phone checkups, software upgrade, and 10% discount on LCD and motherboard change for all OPPO models, among others, which are readily available when you visit during the Monthly OPPO Service Day every 10th to 12th day of the month at OPPO Service Centers nationwide.

Manage your storage and file usage

Remember, your phones have their limits, too, so make sure you properly manage its storage and memory. If you’re near storage capacity, you should delete unused apps, photos, and videos. If you want to speed up your device’s performance, you should install an external SD card to increase your phone storage.

OPPO devices have expanded RAM technology, allowing you to expand your unit’s storage capacity and optimize its performance for faster and smoother multitasking.

Look after the battery health

Maintaining your mobile device’s battery health is key to extending its lifespan. If you want to prolong your phone’s battery life, you should turn on battery-saver mode and lower your screen brightness for when you’re running low on power. When not needed, you can also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Fortunately, OPPO is renowned for its exceptional battery life and charging speed, thanks to its industry-leading innovations, SUPERVOOC fast charging, and Battery Health Engine. OPPO supports quick charging, so you can juice up your device in much less time and enjoy longer-lasting battery almost twice as long as other smartphones.

Avoid dropping it and always handle it with care

If you want to keep your OPPO device in excellent condition, you should avoid dropping it as much as possible. Investing in a sturdy case can help minimize the possible damages from accidental drops. Although sometimes, a phone case isn’t enough.

With OPPO Care+, you can still enjoy your OPPO smartphone after unfortunate accidents. This special protection plan provides services for accidental damage and an extended warranty.

OPPO Care via Revu Philippines

OPPO Care and OPPO Care+ are available at the OPPO Service Center after purchasing your unit

OPPO Care and OPPO Care+ are available at the OPPO Service Center after purchasing your OPPO device. These special care plans provide superior phone maintenance services, so you can give your device the best care. You can also visit OPPO Service Centers during the Monthly OPPO Service Days and have your OPPO smartphone checked periodically.

If you participate in OPPO Service Survey after your visit, you have the chance to win amazing OPPO signature gifts, such as IoT products, OPPO freebies, and gift certificates. Until January 12, 2023, OPPO will be drawing one monthly winner via e-raffle. The monthly winners will be announced on OPPO Care-PH’s Facebook page.

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