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How to get a Starlink kit for half the price in the Philippines

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Getting Starlink internet in the Philippines is now cheaper than ever — provided you’re okay with a relatively notable asterisk.

If you’re like us, and you regularly browse the app formerly known as Twitter, you might have come across this ad on X:

Availability of Starlink refurbished kits in the Philippines announced

Don’t worry, it’s real. Refurbished Starlink kits are now available in the Philippines, and they’re exactly half the price of a brand-new kit, which normally costs P28,000 (roughly $428 converted). Even better, these heavily discounted equipment “have the same devices, function, and warranty as a standard order,” according to Starlink’s official website.

Interested? Here’s how you can purchase a reconditioned Starlink kit for only P14,000 ($243).

  1. Head to the Starlink website.
  2. Enter your service address in the main page and click Order Now.
  3. Fill out the Contact Information page with your details, choose Refurb under the Hardware tab, and provide a valid shipping address.
  4. Complete the checkout process.

Take note that you still have to pay a base monthly service fee of P2,700 ($47) for unlimited, high-speed satellite-based internet under Starlink’s Residential plan. If you intend on taking your Starlink kit with you to other places in the country or around the world, then you might be better off subscribing to Starlink’s Roam plan, which costs P3,300 ($57) and P12,200 ($212) monthly for regional and global internet service, respectively.

In case you’re not familiar, Starlink boasts a constellation of low-Earth orbit satellites that blast web connectivity directly to user dishes, bypassing the need for traditional infrastructure like fiber optic cables. This is a game-changer for island nations like the Philippines, where running cables across vast stretches of water can be a logistical nightmare.

This satellite internet service promises download speeds of up to 200Mbps, which sounds decent on paper. However, when compared to the increasingly affordable fiber internet options offered by local players like PLDT, Globe Telecom, and Converge ICT, it doesn’t exactly scream cutting-edge. Even prepaid fiber is becoming a thing!

But that’s where Starlink’s true strength lies: Reaching those in remote areas where laying down terrestrial lines just isn’t feasible. While independent verification of Starlink’s speeds and reliability in the Philippines is still pending, early reports from subscribers are glowing. Apparently, as long as you’ve got a clear view of the sky, Starlink might just deliver on its promises — and maybe even exceed them.

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