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CHERRY PH taps Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as brand ambassador

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CHERRY Philippines, formerly Cherry Mobile, welcomes Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla to its growing family.

CHERRY promotes a convenient and smart way of living by offering a wide range of products for home and living, entertainment, kitchen, pets, mobile, and more. Through the CHERRY IoT [Internet of Things] Solutions app, users can control these devices easily, creating a comfortable and accessible smart home experience.

Why Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla?

Cherry chief operations officer Michelle Ngu-Cinco highlights Mariel’s unique perspective and expertise.

“Her authenticity, warmth, and bubbly personality make her a trusted source of inspiration for homemakers everywhere,” Ngu-Cinco says. “We know she loves cooking for her family, and we have a great kitchen product lineup for that. Additionally, we want her, and everyone else, to experience the convenience and security of using CHERRY smart home devices, especially with our busy schedules.”

Mariel embraces the ‘over alaga’ mom and wife role

An artist and entrepreneur, Mariel thrives in both entertainment and business. As a mother, she sees homemaking as an art form, crafted with love, care, and protection. She shares her unique approach to motherhood, offering insights and tips on social media.

“I’m excited to use CHERRY products for home and living, kitchen, and more,” says Rodriguez-Padilla. “Even before becoming an ambassador, I already used their air fryer and rice cooker. Now, I’m enjoying their 2-in-1 Smart Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier — it’s so convenient!”

Mariel is also impressed by CHERRY’s smart security camera lineup. “These are must-have items for added security and peace of mind,” she says. “The CHERRY IoT Solutions app is easy to use and navigate, even for someone who’s not tech-savvy.”

A past teaser

From celebrity to live-selling maven

Mariel’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a desire to explore new avenues while balancing motherhood. She’s found success in the dynamic world of online live selling, connecting with customers in real time.

“At the heart of Mariel’s success lies her unwavering commitment to her family,” says CHERRY PR-CSR head Agnes Conopio. “She prioritizes their well-being and happiness above all else. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Mariel remains grounded in her values and inspires others to pursue their dreams.”

(Release from CHERRY Philippines)

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