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Unlocking the power: Your guide to Next AI on the realme GT 6

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Gear up, realme fans, as we count down to the GT series’ return to the global stage after a two-year hiatus.

(Update, June 20: Our realme GT 6 review is up! And here are the price and offers in the Philippines.)

News broke last week that the realme GT 6 will debut on June 20, with Milan, Italy, hosting the smartphone’s official unveiling, simultaneously happening alongside a launch in the Philippines.

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The return promises to be groundbreaking, with the GT 6 boasting next-level AI capabilities powered by realme’s in-house Next AI technology. This tech is said to seamlessly integrate the phone’s flagship-level hardware with realme UI 5.0 and Google’s latest software advancements to provide a new level of user experience at a competitive price point.

We’ll have to wait until the 20th to see exactly what the realme GT 6 brings to the table. For now, here’s a glimpse into some of the key AI features users can look forward to.

AI Smart Loop

This feature streamlines multitasking and content sharing on the realme GT 6. Activated through Settings > Special Features > AI Assistant, AI Smart Loop lets you do a number of things with on-screen content. Simply drag a photo, text snippet, or any visual element to the right side of the screen. Here, a wheel animation pops up, offering contextual app suggestions based on the content.

Need to share a picture on Instagram or edit it in a specific app? Print a document or convert it to a different format? Transfer a file via Bluetooth or share it with a nearby contact? AI Smart Loop intelligently recommends the most relevant apps, saving you valuable time and clicks.

AI Smart Loop on the realme GT 6 by Revu Philippines
AI Smart Loop on the realme GT 6

Imagine capturing a stunning landscape and seamlessly sharing it to social media platforms right from your gallery.

AI Smart Loop could also prove useful for students or professionals who frequently deal with text and documents. Need to grab a quote from a website and paste it into your notes app? AI Smart Loop can make that process much simpler.

With its focus on intuitive interaction, AI Smart Loop has the potential to be a game-changer for power users who deal with multiple apps at the same time.

AI Smart Removal

Beyond streamlined workflows, the realme GT 6 boasts AI Smart Removal, your one-stop shop for cleaning up photos. This AI-powered eraser tool can be accessed via the stock Photos app. Simply open an image, hit Edit, and unleash the magic.

Say goodbye to pesky photobombers and distracting background elements. AI Smart Removal identifies unwanted objects and intelligently fills the gaps left behind. No more paying for expensive editing tools or premium subscriptions, or fiddling with complex software. The realme GT 6 handles the heavy lifting, letting you capture and share flawless pictures effortlessly.

AI Smart Removal on the realme GT 6 by Revu Philippines
AI Smart Removal on the realme GT 6

AI Night Vision Video

The realme GT 6 doesn’t stop at photo editing — it can enhance your videos, too. The AI Night Vision mode tackles grainy, dark videos, ensuring your memories stay bright.

Activated directly in the viewfinder, the smartphone detects low-light situations and presents an AI Night Vision icon just above the aperture setting. A simple tap activates the mode, and the GT 6’s processing power kicks in. AI algorithms work their magic to brighten scenes and reduce noise, resulting in clear videos that would be impossible to achieve with standard camera settings.

AI Night Vision Video mode on the realme GT 6 by Revu Philippines
AI Night Vision on the realme GT 6

AI Eye Comfort

The realme GT 6 prioritizes your well-being, too. With AI Eye Comfort, the upcoming flagship phone will leverage AI to combat eye strain.

This feature, which can be enabled through Settings > Display and Brightness > Eye Comfort and Sleep, utilizes built-in AI to detect signs of eye fatigue. The device adjusts the screen’s color temperature in real time. Imagine a soft, warm tone automatically replacing harsh blue light as you transition from reading an article to browsing social media. This dynamic adjustment reduces eye strain and allows for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially during extended phone use.

For an extra layer of protection, you can enable Bedtime mode within the same settings menu. This feature automatically switches the screen to warmer colors to match your body’s natural sleep cycle, promoting faster sleep.

Whether you’re a bookworm or a heavy social media user, the realme GT 6’s AI features are designed to enhance your experience and prioritize your well-being.

AI Eye Comfort on the realme GT 6 by Revu Philippines
AI Eye Comfort on the realme GT 6

The future of smartphones is (almost) here

The realme GT 6’s AI capabilities are just a glimpse into the future of smartphones. With its focus on intuitive interaction, streamlined workflows, and enhanced multimedia experiences, the GT 6 promises to be a game-changer for power users and casual users alike. Stay tuned for the full reveal on June 20 to see what else this flagship has in store for us.

For more updates, follow realme’s official Facebook page.

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