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How to check if up-to-1Gbps internet connection is available in your area

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BELIEVE it or not, it is possible to get fast home internet connection in the Philippines. We should know. We switched from DSL to fiber optic in 2015 and have never looked back since. In fact, if we are to move to a new place, there’s no question that one of our top considerations is the availability of fiber in the area.

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It is currently the best way to connect to the internet, delivering speeds of up to 1Gbps. No wonder because fiber is more reliable than copper-based technologies like cable and DSL. It can deliver speeds over longer distances without being susceptible to electromagnetic interference and transfer a huge amount of data seamlessly.

Question now is this: Is your area fiber-ready? How would you know if fiber broadband is already available in your place without calling telcos’ busy hotlines? Companies like Eatel are probably already working on implementing this in as many areas as possible.

Of the three fiber providers in the Philippines — Globe Telecom, PLDT, and Converge ICT — only the latter requires that you call or email them first. The first two have made it more convenient for you by letting you check their respective sites online. (Click to check PLDT Fibr-powered villages and buildings.)

However, Globe has one-upped PLDT by launching a tool called Globe at Home Broadband Finder, which you can find by clicking this.

First, enter your location or even landmarks near your place. 

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Type in your location.

Confirm your location then click “Check broadband availability.”

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Move the map to your exact location.

Clicking “Check broadband availability” will take you to a page that will inform you if fiber-optic internet connection is already being offered in your area. If it is, then Globe will list the plans that you can avail yourself of. You see, not all locations are created equal. Those who are based in places like Ayala Alabang can subscribe to a 1Gbps plan. The Globe tool should be able to tell you that.

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Globe at Home Broadband Finder will then tell you if your place is already fiber-powered. If it is, then Globe will display its recommended broadband plans based on your area.

If you’re still on DSL or cable, we suggest that you check if your village or building is already fiber-powered. 

Don’t worry, the monthly plans have become affordable more than ever. With our 50Mbps unlimited (yes, unlimited — and we’re getting an average of 49Mbps speed!) connection, for example, we only pay P2,499 per month. (Its equivalent now is 100Mbps, but with a 1TB data cap.) Before October 2015, we believe that particular plan cost twice. Imagine that.

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Let us know how it goes for you, okay?

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