Globe vs PLDT vs Converge ICT: Our experience so far

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FAST wired internet is already available in the Philippines, with Globe Telecom and PLDT, the country’s telecom duopoly, stepping forward with their respective fiber-powered offers. Then there’s Converge ICT, a relatively new — and unproven — option for residential owners.

(Update, October 21, 2017: Sky now offers fiber-internet plans. Check out PLDT vs Globe vs Converge vs Sky: Fiber-internet plans available.)

And since coming out with a story detailing each service provider’s offers or plans, we’ve received numerous questions from curious readers wanting to know which fiber-internet plan to sign up for. So, to answer those questions, we’re sharing with you our experience with each telco.

Bear in mind, however, that our experience with Converge is limited, but for a reason we’ll get to in a moment.

We got our first taste of living the “fiber life” in Mandaluyong City in 2015. Back then, affordable fiber internet has yet to get some traction, so customers were few and there was a general sense of skepticism around fiber-based networks.

Is it really as fast as advertised? Is there a hard cap on how much data one can use? More importantly: Could it get slower over time? You know, the same questions we collectively kicked around at the onset of the transition to DSL internet.

The risk-takers we are, we jumped the gun and hoped for the best. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. As a fiber-internet provider, we had zero issues with Globe. Our application was processed quickly. In the same week that we called Globe’s hotline to inquire, our 50Mbps connection with no data cap was live. No waiting for days for the line to be activated.

Our network speed sat at a nice 50Mbps, give or take, regardless of the time of day. Connection issues were rare, and we can’t remember a time when the line was down for more than a few minutes. Another perk: We got a free membership to NBA League Pass every month. There were other bonuses, but nothing topped the convenience of watching NBA games live or on demand on just about any device.

Since moving to Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City in 2016, our experience has been equally trouble-free.

Our experience in Mandaluyong and BGC has been different from our experience in the north, where our parents reside and where our furbabies have been staying since April. Globe couldn’t provide us with the same 50Mbps connection we have enjoyed over the past years in the area, and PLDT Fibr was our only option. So we conceded. 

The application and installation process took a lot longer than we had anticipated. It took PLDT a month to hook us up with a 50Mbps connection without a cap. Others had to wait longer, we’ve been told. Yikes. 

And application can be a pain in the you-know-what. We were initially told that fiber internet wasn’t available in our neighborhood yet, but we got a completely different response after visiting a PLDT store nearby. On the same day, mind you. Moral of the story: Drop by a store to speak to someone who can give you a definitive answer. 

At P2,899 ($58) monthly, our current line is also a bit more expensive than the previous one (Plan 2499 or $50), but we get twice the speed for uploads (also 50Mbps), so it’s all good. As for the service, it’s borderline okay. We get plenty of interruptions throughout the week, sometimes throughout the day. Download speeds can be all over the place, too. We’ve never experienced these sorts of problems with our Globe connection — and we have free League Pass codes to boot. 

Long story short, it’s far from ideal, but when our PLDT connection is working well, we’re getting the speeds we’re paying for. Hopefully, things stay that way.

Before calling PLDT’s hotline, we sent multiple emails and messages to the company. We even completed a contact form on Converge’s official site. Both to no avail. It’s been three months, and we have yet to hear from the company. We shudder to think what might have happened if we had gone further down that path.

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  • Unfortunately, there’s really no way to tell unless your girlfriend is given a free trial period. Maybe she could ask her neighbors?

  • Ryan Mundo

    I am currently a subscriber of PLDT Home Fibr Plan 1899 20 Mbps Unlimited Data Allowance. With this review, I am planning to switch to Globe because of PLDT’s expensive plans that You can rarely use the landline unlike Globe that it has unli calls to Globe and TM numbers plus their after sales support sucks. It takes a couple of weeks until they visit you. I don’t recommend PLDT Home Fibr. Go for Globe at Home or Converge ICT.

  • Oris Manuel

    I’ve been a subscriber of Sky Broadband for 2 years and during June this year, They said that their internet is powered by Fiber Optic and transmitted through Coaxial cable. The only disadvantage is the slow download speeds during 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. With the reviews I am reading right now, I am planning to move on Globe.

  • Rain Drops

    In contrast to the many happy customers of globe, my experience with them truly a nigtmare. Downtime most of the time whether in San Juan or UST / Hosp of the Infant Jesus area. Service was very poor in addition to their negligible internet connection. Subscribing was a very bad idea. Terminating their services was the only way out of hell.

  • Manny

    Whats the best?

    • Between Globe and PLDT, Globe offers more reliable service. We’ve encountered several downtimes on our PLDT Fibr connection.

  • joel c

    I wonder about Sky. They seem to have some decent plans…but their FB page is full of angry customers. Made me think twice about switching to Sky Broadband given the 2-yr lock-in and punishing pre-termination fee (you have to pay all remaining months).

    • It’s a red flag, for sure. We’ve never been Sky subscribers, though. My advice: Ask friends and family, people you trust, before deciding.

    • Paolo

      Been with Sky for 3.5 years and have had a generally good experience so far. I guess it depends on the area and what you use it for. I get the advertised download speeds. Upload speeds are a lot slower than download because they use coaxial. Reliable in our experience; very rarely down and only for a few hours at most. Speeds sometimes gets a bit slow during dinner time due to congestion.

      • Thanks for chiming in, Paolo. Appreciate it. 🙂

      • joel c

        Thanks, Paolo.

    • Paolo

      People who have good experiences tend not to write about them; hence, you’ll likely find FB pages full of angry customers. Aside from people you know, it’s good to ask neighbors which service providers they subscribe to and how those perform.

      I now live in a condo, and one thing that also helped me was to try a simple scan of available wifi networks. Lots of them leave the default names unchanged, so I can tell which providers they’re on.

  • Abdul Khaliq Arani


    • Based on our experience, Globe is the better internet service provider.

      • Yves Filrev Nuyda

        Yeah, we’re using PLDT right now and it took them like an entire week to fix our disconnection issues. Already lost track of how many times I called their customer care hotline -_-

        Not to mention the problem seems to reoccur every month/3 weeks. i cri

  • strongerPH

    Fyi lng po, just called Globe as I’m hunting for my options… NBA League Pass is an add on for 499 on top of what you pay monthly na daw, ndi na po sya free. 🙁

  • Natalie Ortega

    Do you have a review on the One Sky Plans (Skycable fiiber internet) in Paranaque?

  • ImAmRON

    Want to share my review on Converge ICT.
    Processing Time: 3-5 Days thru sales rep. (the one that giving flyers to people)
    Plan: 1,500 (25Mbps), Fiber Optic
    Installation Fee: 2,500
    Payment: Thru Bank deposit to BDO total of Php4,000.00
    Pre-req: Converge lines must be available in you area (check if your area is covered).
    Requirements & Procedure : 2 Valid ID’s and 1 Proof of Billing with your name and address indicated
    then email together with softcopy of your payment slip to your sales rep. After 2-3 days service contractor will come to install.

    Period of connection: (25 Days)
    Connection Experience: Mostly disconnects every 1-2hrs.
    Connection Speed: 23-24Mbps No Data Cap
    Technical Support:
    Via Phone – It takes forever/hard reach and talk to their Tech Support Team (Unli-Voicemail lol)
    Via Email – (better reach them thru email)

    What I’m actually experiencing in Converge is that, I frequently disconnects an hour or two for almost a month, I submitted report thru email and still they cannot solve my connection problem. I’ve been using skybroadband before @ Plan 999 (3mbps) no data cap and I decided to look for another internet provider with higher speed connection and cheap monthly fee. Though the speed is a little slow the connection of skybroadband is stable, even there’s storm still I’m still connected.

    Pros: Highspeed, Fiber Optic, Cheap monthly fee
    Cons: Frequently disconnect, Area of coverage
    Tips: You can ask for “Free Installation Promo” to sales rep to save 2,500 pesos installation fee.

    • Thanks for sharing, Ron! Appreciate it. 🙂

    • Alora Uy Guerrero

      This is helpful. Thanks for sharing your experience with Converge ICT!

  • Francis

    Hi there!

    On this post, with regards to your Globe experience, it says the following:
    “our 50Mbps connection with no data cap was live”

    I’m not seeing this on the Globe website. Can you point me in the right direction? This post is dated June 26, 2017, but it seems like they aren’t even recent. So, are these “actually” outdated experiences? No offense intended in any way. It’s just a bit misleading if information is outdated.