Samsung Galaxy trolls Apple iPhone on Revu Philippines a

Samsung roasts Apple iPhone X, other iPhones with new ad

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Apple and Samsung are not only fierce rivals in the smartphone space. Now more than ever, these industry giants are at loggerheads over which giant is better when it comes to mudslinging, er, advertising.

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Cue Samsung’s latest anti-iPhone ad, which highlights features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (and earlier Galaxy flagships) while roasting generations of iPhones, including the just-released Apple iPhone X. This after taking digs at Google and LG for the Pixel 2 XL’s inferior screen a little over a week earlier.

Samsung trolls Apple — a little over a week after it roasted the LG-made Google Pixel 2 XL

Titled Growing Up, the ad runs a minute long and shows a longtime iPhone fan outgrowing his fandom and love of iPhone. It ends with him literally crossing over to the other side, from a queue of people waiting for — you guessed it — the iPhone X.

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It’s fun and nostalgic and brutally critical of Apple smartphones, but some of the criticisms, such as the company’s decision to push the dongle life, are deserved. If you’ve been paying attention to each frame, you might have even spotted the guy with a haircut resembling the iPhone X’s front notch.

Samsung Galaxy trolls Apple iPhone on Revu Philippines a

Spot the guy with a haircut resembling the iPhone X’s front notch.

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We get it, Samsung. It’s a bit of an eyesore. You know what else is unflattering? Those display bezels and the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8.

Regardless of their questionable design features, they’re both undoubtedly amazing phones. However, they will eventually be replaced, as all smart phones eventually are, by something bigger and better. You might want to consider using a buyback program when that time comes. Check out Buyback Review to see what programs are out there.

If you haven’t seen the ad we embedded above yet, do yourself a favor and give it a stream.

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