Huawei P50 Pro camera test by Revu Philippines

Huawei P50 Pro camera test: Legendary P series does it again

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The Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pocket will launch in the Philippines February 4. The two flagship smartphones have been listed at the following stores, though the local pricing for both remains a guessing game.

(Update, February 12: Huawei P50 Pro or Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max? Which of the two do you prefer when it comes to photography? Take this camera test to find out!)

(Update, February 2: Check out the prices, availability, trade-in promo, and preorder freebies and other details of the Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pocket in the Philippines!)

Which leaves you plenty of time to decide whether or not to upgrade to any of these models from the legendary P series, in case you’re in the market for a new daily driver. If you’re considering the Huawei P50 Pro, you’re most likely interested in its camera as well. The P50 Pro, after all, is currently rated the best camera phone around, according to the experts at Dxomark.

Huawei P50 Pro camera test

If you need more convincing, you can also check out our camera test video starring the Huawei P50 Pro and its True-Form Dual-Matrix Camera that combines two dedicated cameras for color quality and accuracy, in addition to a 64-megapixel zoom camera and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide option.

Technically speaking, the P50 Pro is Huawei‘s most impressive camera system yet, but that’s only half the story (literally). The phone also uses the brand’s improved XD Optics and Full-Path Imaging technologies to retain more image information when taking photos, resulting in brighter, sharper, and more color-accurate shots, even in low light and from far away.

Now, if you have money to burn and are eyeing the Huawei P50 Pocket, you should check back in a few hours for our review of the technology giant’s first clamshell foldable (update: our Huawei P50 Pocket review is up!).

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