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Reignite your passion with the help of the vivo Y35

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Nothing beats the joy people get when they do the things they love. However, life’s priorities and responsibilities may halt the way and people get disconnected from their passion, too. Whatever reason made you put your passion on hold, vivo has something that can spark the fire of passion inside you again.

In this article, vivo shares tips to help people rekindle their passions and fall in love with them again with the help of a powerful device like the vivo Y35.

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Time to rekindle your passion with the help of the vivo Y35!

Boost your mind with fresh ideas

Same clothes, same activities, same places. Repetitive things spark boredom and take the fun out of the things we do. If you are feeling tired of doing things that you used to love, maybe you need to discover new ideas to help you get inspired once again. Whether through music, photos, videos, or movies, you now have all the time you want to explore more with the vivo Y35.

The vivo Y35 lets you browse and stream all you want, nonstop, without worrying about your phone’s battery energy. With advanced 44W Fast Charge technology, your long charging time is now finally over and you can go back to using your phone #QuickAsAFlash. Aside from its quick charging power, vivo Y35 is equipped with 5000 mAh battery capacity which is sufficient enough to give its users a long-lasting and fun smartphone experience.

Vivo Y35 charging detail via Revu Philippines

Bye, long charging times!

Revisit your past works

Looking back at your past works and seeing again how much you have improved can help reignite your passion. But oftentimes, once we are done with a project, we often delete a bunch of items related to it to make space for the new and upcoming ones. This scenario can’t be helped, since most devices have limited storage and some phones are more prone to lagging when we store more files.

With the vivo Y35, you can now store all your projects, accomplished or ongoing, without worrying about lagging or limited storage space. With its 8GB+8GB extended RAM, which is the first and biggest among vivo’s Y Series lineup, you can still enjoy smoother phone operation even when loading multiple apps and files. On the other hand, its huge 256GB internal ROM, which is expandable up to 1TB, lets you save all the files you need and store them in your phone for a longer period of time, so it’s more convenient for you to revisit all your projects in times that you need to get motivation from them.

Go out of the box and dare to do bigger things

One thing that also hinders our passion’s growth is when we are bombarded with so many restrictions. Same goes with smartphones, we cannot do certain tasks because they are not programmed to do so. But vivo elevates your smartphone experience with vivo Y35. This powerful smartphone is built so you are not just doing more, but are also able to do bigger things more.

Its internal system is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, which allows users to run large-scale apps, so you can do heavier and more complicated tasks on your smartphone You can also ensure that your phone is constantly running smoothly because its powerful chip delivers up to 2.4GHz clock speed, 25 percent CPU increase and 10 percent GPU improvement compared to its predecessor.

Photographers, this is a chance for you

If you have unfinished love with photography, don’t let this chapter close for good because the vivo Y35 will surely make you fall in love with it once again. The vivo Y35 is specially designed with smarter camera features and a triple AI Rear Camera composed of 50MP Main Camera, 2MP Bokeh Camera, and 2MP Macro Camera.

Its 50MP Main Camera will surely let you achieve your photography dreams with professional-like image results all the time. If you are feeling dramatic, utilizing its bokeh camera can do the trick. And if you want to be a little quirky, go for its macro camera and showcase the zoomed world of mini creatures around us.

The vivo Y35 also boasts the Super Night Camera feature that lets you capture the night in bright, vivid colors so you can keep your passion burning even in the darkest scenes.

Vivo Y35 camera specs via Revu Philippines

Camera specs

Ready to reignite your passion? Be #QuickAsAFlash and grab your vivo Y35 now. The device is now available for only P14,999 (around $254) on vivo’s official website and online stores on Lazada, Shopee and TikTok, and all physical stores and kiosks nationwide. If you are looking for installment plans, the vivo Y35 is also available via Home Credit and credit card for 6 up to 18 months, and 6 up to 12 months, respectively.

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