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This might be the best alternative to Diablo for mobile

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Path of Exile is coming to mobile, and the people behind its developer, Grinding Gear Games, have been taking not-so-subtle digs against another, more famous action role-playing game that has a version for smartphones and tablets, too.

The New Zealand-based developers promise that theirs will be made without any compromises. They claim it’s being developed entirely by their team and didn’t farm it out to an external studio.

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Grinding Gear doesn’t outright name Blizzard and Diablo in a gameplay trailer for the game, but it is obvious what they’re referencing. The studio launched PoE intending to steal the spotlight from Diablo, and it seems they want to do that again.

In case you didn’t know, Blizzard got a lot of flack for Diablo Immortal. One reason was that the game was developed in partnership with Chinese game studio NetEase.

Path of Exile Mobile’s official trailer

Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson said at their ExileCon event that the free-to-play Path of Exile will be coming to mobile devices with a “fair monetization strategy.”

PoE will also be a scaled-down version of the PC game with a quick turnaround time on maps to account for shorter play sessions. But it will retain the depth and systems of its PC counterpart.

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Wilson said that the title is currently “experimental,” and further development will happen depending on fan feedback.

There is no word yet on when Path of Exile Mobile will come out, but we hope this healthy competition pushes the developers to offer the best that they can.

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