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Vivo shares Funtouch OS 10 update schedule

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The Vivo X30 series won’t be the only device from the company to get its new operating system update in China. Vivo announced all the other devices getting Funtouch OS 10.

There were rumors that the company was going to replace Funtouch OS with Jovi OS, a riff off the name of its digital assistant and artificial intelligence engine. But it scrapped that idea, and it’s currently focusing on developing this operating system.

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The updates will roll out in three batches, with the first wave starting in February 2020.

Here’s the list of handsets getting upgraded:

  • Batch 1:
    • Vivo NEX 3
    • Vivo NEX 3 5G
    • Vivo X27
    • Vivo X27 Pro
    • Vivo X27 (8GB + 128GB version)
    • Vivo NEX
    • Vivo NEX (screen fingerprint version)
    • Vivo NEX (flagship version)
    • Vivo NEX dual-screen version
    • Vivo S5
  • Batch 2:
    • Vivo Z5
    • Vivo Z5i
    • Vivo Z5x
    • Vivo S1
    • Vivo S1 Pro (take note that this is not the same S1 Pro that’s been released in the Philippines)
  • Batch 3:
    • Vivo X21s
    • Vivo X23
    • Vivo X23 Symphony Edition
    • Vivo Z3
    • Vivo Z3i
    • Vivo Z3i Standard Edition

Some of the new features coming to Funtouch OS 10 include a different take on app sharing. It seems to involve some low-latency casting, where you can share video, audio, and even vibration feedback in games from one Vivo phone to another. We aren’t sure how that works, but it wouldn’t be far off to assume that one Vivo device can act as a remote control for another.

Funtouch OS 10 preview video

The company is also introducing dynamic wallpapers, effects, and transitions. There are even animations across the status bar icons. Funtouch OS 10 also brings dynamic edge light effects, which will prove handy for notification purposes.

As you can tell, the update brings more visual polish to Vivo’s operating system. When we get a more concrete timeline, or at least anything related to the Philippine market, we’ll be sure to report on it immediately.

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