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OPPO ColorOS 11: Rollout timeline, new features

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OPPO has launched its new Android UI today based on the latest Android 11 operating system, which Google unveiled just recently.

The new UI will be called ColorOS 11 to align with Google’s Android naming scheme. The previous ColorOS release was called ColorOS 7. ColorOS 11 will launch on select devices from September 14, starting with the OPPO Find X2 Pro and the global variants of the OPPO Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro.

All three phones are available in the Philippines, with the Reno 3 series currently priced from P15,990 (around $329 converted), while the 5G-enabled Find X2 Pro remains OPPO’s most luxurious offering at P65,990 ($1,358).

ColorOS 11: Update schedule, phones to be upgraded

ColorOS 11 will also roll out to the following models at a later date:

  • From September 14
    • OPPO Find X2
    • OPPO Find X2 Pro (including the limited-edition Automobili Lamborghini)
  • From September 30
    • OPPO Reno 3 4G
    • OPPO Reno 3 Pro 4G
    • OPPO F17 Pro
  • From Q4 2020
    • OPPO Reno 4 (both 4G and 5G models)
    • OPPO Reno 4 Pro (both 4G and 5G models)
    • OPPO F11
    • OPPO F11 Pro (including the limited-edition Avengers variant)
    • OPPO A9
    • OPPO A92
    • OPPO A72
    • OPPO A52
  • From Q1 2021
    • OPPO Reno 10x Zoom
    • OPPO Reno 2
    • OPPO Reno 2F
    • OPPO Reno 2Z
    • OPPO A91
    • OPPO F15
  • From Q2 2021
    • OPPO Reno
    • OPPO Reno Z
    • OPPO A5 2020
    • OPPO A9 2020

OPPO says more smartphones might be added to the list, but for now, these are the devices that will be updated to Android 11.

Additional information here for those who are based in the European Union and the European Economic Area

ColorOS 11: Best new features

As for the features, the new Color OS version brings greater UI customization options, including new wallpaper and icon-style options, as well as additional Dark Mode styles featuring different levels of contrast.

  • Customizable color schemes
    • New to OPPO’s Color OS 11 is the ability to choose between different color schemes, which can be applied across system menus and icons to ensure a consistent visual experience.
  • Customizable always-on display
    • ColorOS 11 allows you to personalize or create your own AOD patterns for a more personal touch on the lock screen.
  • Customizable Dark mode
    • Dark Mode on ColorOS 11 has been improved to include the option to increase or decrease the contrast and set the auto start and off time.
  • Enhanced OPPO Relax
    • OPPO Relax was introduced in ColorOS 7, but this time around, it’s better than ever. The app now includes a new feature called Sound Mix, which lets you mix and match sounds from a collection of genres according to your preference. There’s also a feature called The Sound of Cities that plays ambient sound recorded at various parts of the world, including Bangkok, Tokyo, and Reykjavik.
  • Personalized ringtones
    • With ColorOS 11, you can create your own ringtones by sliding your finger across the screen to link consecutive notification tones and form a melody.
  • 3-finger translate
    • Powered by Google Lens, ColorOS 11 integrates the ability to easily activate Google Translate while using OPPO’s native camera app by simply swiping down the screen with three fingers.
  • Device control
    • When using an app that supports Device Control, such as Google Home, ColorOS 11 users can long-press the power button to activate the app, as opposed to launching it from the home screen. This should prove particularly useful if you own multiple smart devices at home.
  • Super Power Saving mode
    • This isn’t exclusive to OPPO devices, but ColorOS 11 brings a new Super Power Saving mode that can help extend your phone’s battery life. Super Power Saving mode will limit the maximum number of apps allowed to run on your device to just six or less. We’ve tried this feature on non-OPPO models and found that it really does help make our devices last longer.
  • Battery Guard
    • With ColorOS 11, supported devices are better at learning your charging habits to adjust the speed at which a device charges based on the time of day. For an average person, for example, a device might stop charging at 80% if it has been plugged in overnight, and then continue to charge to 100% sometime in the morning, before the user wakes up.
  • Low-battery message
    • This feature offers the option to display your most recent location and send a “low battery” message to select contacts. Unfortunately, this function is only available in India.
  • Gamer mode
    • Built for serious mobile gamers, this mode can block calls, notifications, and other interactions on your device. It will even prevent the power and volume buttons from activating when accidentally pressed.
  • Nearby Share
    • Users of ColorOS 11 can use Android 11’s new Nearby Share function to quickly share large files, such as videos, images, and APKs with compatible Android devices without using any data.
  • People Bubbles
    • This new addition to Android 11 will combine notifications from the same friends on different apps in the notification drawer to help you quickly reply to them.
  • UI First 2.0
    • ColorOS 11 introduces UI First 2.0. According to OPPO, this combines lag-reducing technology with the company’s Quantum Animation engine, which improves RAM utilization by up to 45% and increases app-response rate by 32% and frame-rate stability by 17%. To reduce app-loading times, AI App Preloading will learn your usage patterns and preload certain apps when it thinks the time is right. SuperTouch, on the other hand, intelligently identifies key usage scenarios and optimize the screen’s touch response accordingly.

For more on Android 11-based ColorOs 11, watch the video below.

OPPO’s ColorOS 11 global launch event, in case you missed the livestream. Program starts at the 13:35 mark

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