Huawei One Repair Program March 2021 prices via Revu Philippines

Huawei One Price Repair back to let you save on repair costs

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The Huawei One Price Repair program in the Philippines is live again — this time, until March 31, 2021. In case you’re not aware, this limited-time promotion lets you purchase spare parts for select Huawei devices at discounted prices for a limited time, allowing you to, say, replace the screen, motherboard, back cover, or battery of your phone at a fixed reduced cost.

That’s great news if you plan on holding on to your device a while longer — because at the very least, it probably needs a new battery if you’ve been using it for a couple of years now.

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Smartphone batteries, in particular, hold less charge and, ultimately, fail over time. Even if your phone or tablet is doing well at the moment, that might not be the case in a year or two, so it’s probably a good time to have its battery replaced now while the prices are favorable. Or, perhaps something in it or on it just needs immediate replacement.

The 2021 campaign includes flagships and midrange devices like the P and Mate series and certain Nova phones. Even the Honor 10 and Honor 9 Lite are included.

Do note, however, that units that went through unauthorized repairs (repair centers will eventually find out because your phone has seals over its important components), have water damage, and physical damage are not entitled to Huawei’s One Price Repair program, but can still be sent over for repairs.

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And, as usual, the prices don’t cover the cost of labor, which varies depending on the type of product, and fee for out-of-warranty devices. Huawei is likewise reminding everyone to schedule an appointment for repairs via the Support app or through one of its local hotline numbers. This is to ensure that the spare part or parts will be available for your unit prior to your arrival at the service location of your choosing.

Huawei Philippines will offer a 90-day warranty on new screens, motherboards, and back covers. The base prices for the parts are as follows, but you can check out the full promotion details below. Or you can check out the details on Huawei’s site.

  • Back cover: From P599 ($12)
  • Battery: From P699 ($14)
  • Mainboard: From P1,399 ($29)
  • Screen: From P899 (around $19)
Huawei One Repair Program March 2021 back-cover-replacement prices via Revu Philippines

For back covers
Huawei One Repair Program March 2021 battery-replacement prices via Revu Philippines

For batteries
Huawei One Repair Program March 2021 mainboard-replacement prices via Revu Philippines

For mainboards
Huawei One Repair Program March 2021 screen-replacement prices via Revu Philippines

For screens

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