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Global foldable-smartphone market expected to reach 55M units by 2025

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Foldable smartphones have become increasingly popular in recent years, and since the introduction of this segment of smartphones, there has been much excitement in product launches around the world. Some of the most prominent findings of a Counterpoint Research study include the expectation that global shipments of foldable smartphones will reach 55 million units by 2025, along with the realization that global smartphone brands have made significant headway in this industry.

Smartphone manufacturers are strategically shifting their focus towards the premium segment. Within this segment, foldable smartphones have emerged as a game-changing innovation, offering a unique consumer experience. With OPPO at the forefront of this revolution, the brand’s contributions are reshaping the foldable smartphone landscape.

Global foldable smartphone shipment forecast by Counterpoint Research via Revu Philippines

Shipment forecast

Foldable smartphone scene: A growing segment

According to Counterpoint’s data, global foldable smartphone shipments are on track to experience robust growth, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 114% from 2019 to 2025. By 2025, global shipments are expected to reach an impressive 55 million units, quadrupling from the figures in 2022. In this dynamic market, smartphone brands have been leading the charge, contributing to the industry’s rapid evolution and expansion.

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In 2022, China held a commanding 26% share of the global foldable smartphone market, surpassing all other markets in this regard to become the leading foldable market globally. Smartphone brands have been instrumental in driving growth through product diversification, technological innovation, and competitive pricing. This collective effort resulted in a remarkable 199% year-over-year growth in foldable smartphone shipments in 2022.

OPPO’s role in elevating the global foldable smartphone market

OPPO has played a pivotal role in the success of foldable smartphones globally. With the introduction of the OPPO Find N in 2021, the brand has redefined the user foldable experience, making foldable devices an integral part of users’ daily lives.

OPPO’s dedication to innovation extends beyond software. The OPPO Find N2 Flip, the brand’s first flip foldable, boasts its industry-leading Flexion Hinge, resulting in an incredibly subtle creasing, along with the ability to withstand over 400,000 folds. At launch, the Find N2 Flip’s cover screen was the largest of any flip phone, measuring in at 3.26 inches in a vertical orientation, ideal for most use-cases. This innovative form factor has also brought new functionality to the flip device, with FlexForm Mode giving users the freedom to use the main camera set up for selfies, group shots, and even vlogging.

Besides the ability to transform the way we take pictures and videos, the OPPO Find N2 Flip also introduced the fastest charging of any flip phone on the Find N2 Flip — 44W SUPERVOOC, taking the 4,300mAh battery from nearly empty to 50% in just 23 minutes. The many industry firsts of the OPPO Find N2 Flip resulted in the device capturing approximately 15% foldable smartphone market share in China, boosted to a total of 22% when accounting for the OPPO Find N2 as well.

Global foldable smartphone sales share forecast in ultra-premium segments by Counterpoint Research via Revu Philippines

Sales share forecast in the ultra-premium segment

Foldable smartphone market expansion and the future

Zooming in on the ultra-premium segment, foldable smartphones are expected to more than double in sales share on the global scale from 7% to 16% by 2025. This signals high potential in the premium smartphone segment, leading global technology brands to expand their reach into international markets.

On top of that, the Asia-Pacific region has seen a 50% YoY growth in foldable shipment share from 2021 to 2022. This is evidence of the increased demand for such devices, causing organisations like OPPO to introduce its Find N2 Flip to the region. In fact, the Find N2 Flip was highly received in APAC. Such as in Thailand, where OPPO’s device ranked first in the foldable smartphone segment with up to 55% market share in its first sale month. This type of reception has only spurred the company to innovate in the foldable segment to produce more high-value devices to APAC users.

The evolution of foldable smartphones

It is clear that foldable smartphones have gone through several generations of development. The upcoming generation of foldable smartphones is expected to surpass traditional flagship devices in overall performance and grow significantly in market share as well as consumer demand in the coming years as smartphone brands expand their presence across multiple overseas markets.

OPPO, a trailblazer in this industry, is leading the way with innovative products and software enhancements that are reshaping the foldable smartphone landscape. As the market continues to evolve, OPPO remains committed to delivering exceptional user experiences and pushing the boundaries of what foldable smartphones can achieve.

Launched August 29, 2023, in the Chinese market, OPPO’s latest clamshell foldable, the Find N3 Flip, will also be arriving in global markets soon, further elevating the next generation of foldable smartphone innovation.

For further updates from OPPO, please visit the OPPO Philippines’ official website at www.oppo.com.ph or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.

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