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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S8?

In Phones by Ramon Lopez2 Comments

T’S early in the new year, which means the internet is again rife with rumors about the possible design, specs, features, and whatnot of the next Samsung Galaxy flagship. We’ve heard quite an earful about how different (and how important) the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be compared to its predecessors, but so far we haven’t seen anything in the wild to confirm or support those claims. Until now.

Mid-range Samsung Galaxy Tab A comes w/LTE, S Pen

In Tablets by Ramon Lopez4 Comments

Samsung’s been in the tablet business for quite some time, and over the years, it has played around with different designs to keep things interesting. Right now, it seems the Korean giant has taken a different approach to making mid-range slates, as evidenced by the outward appearance and 4:3 screen ratio of its new Galaxy Tab A tablet. It is, in many ways, the unofficial successor to the Galaxy Note 8.0. The 4:3 ratio, as Samsung puts it, “is ideal for reading books, magazines and newspapers, as well as surfing the net,” though I’d argue that packing more pixels into the 8-inch …