Huawei Nova 5T vs OPPO Reno vs Samsung Galaxy A70 comparison review by Revu Philippines

Blind camera test: Nova 5T vs Galaxy A70 vs Reno

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Camera performance is a big part of the modern smartphone experience. This is especially true in the midrange segment, where multiple-lens camera setups and high megapixel counts are now ubiquitous and could be well on their way to matching the capabilities of a flagship phone and those of a digital camera.

Knowing the importance of a quality camera in a midranger, we took the Huawei Nova 5T, Samsung Galaxy A70, and OPPO Reno for a spin and took some pictures! All three devices feature two or more cameras on the back, with the Nova having the most cameras in the room with four, followed by the Samsung Galaxy A70’s triple-lens setup at the rear, then the OPPO Reno with dual lenses.

Now, you — yes, you! — get to choose which phone boasts the best image quality among these popular midrange phones from premium brands.

You will find a voting poll under each of the 10 sets of photos. This is where you will cast a vote and select your favorite. Keep in mind that the images have been randomized, meaning the first picture you see in one scene is not necessarily taken with the same phone as the first image in another scene.

Scroll down when you are ready, choose which you think is best in each set, and tell us which phone you ended up with — the Huawei Nova 5T (P18,990 or around $366), the Samsung Galaxy A70 (P22,990 or $443), or the OPPO Reno (P26,990 or $520).

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