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You can now preorder Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 in PH

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Gamers, rejoice: You can now lock down a copy of the long-delayed, long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake in the Philippines.

(Update, March 2, 2020: The demo is out! Read Download now: Final Fantasy VII Remake demo goes live on PS4.)

DataBlitz has announced that it is now accepting preorders for the Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive at all branches nationwide.

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In addition to the Standard Edition, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available in two other variants, which are detailed below.

The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Game on two discs
  • Sephiroth steelbook case
  • Hardback art book
  • Mini soundtrack CD
  • Cactuar Summon Materia DLC

The 1st Class Edition includes:

  • Game on two discs
  • Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife and Hardy Daytona box set
  • Sephiroth steelbook case
  • Hardback art book
  • Mini soundtrack CD
  • Cactuar Summon Materia DLC

You also get the following as preorder bonuses:

  • Chocobo Chick Summon Materia DLC
  • Reversible poster

The Standard Edition might retail between P2,800 (around $55) and P2,999 ($59), while the Deluxe bundle could start at around P4,000 ($78), up to P4,300 ($84). The 1st Class Edition, which includes an awesome-looking Cloud figure with his trademark Buster Sword and Hardy Daytona bike, will probably set you back between P18,000 ($352) and P18,999 ($371). A down payment of up to P4,000 ($78) for the 1st Class Edition is required to book an order.

Video: Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer

To be released March 3, 2020, on the PS4 if there are no further delays, Final Fantasy VII Remake is set on a planet with a physical life force being exploited by Shinra Electric Power Company, an evil mega-corporation. You play as Cloud Strife, a mercanary hired by an organization determined to stop Shinra, unaware of the consequences that await him.

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While the remake only encompasses the Midgar portion of the original story, it’s still a massive-enough standalone game that has been split over two Blu-ray discs. Besides the graphics, the combat style has received a major overhaul. The game combines real-time action and the original’s turn-based tactics.

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