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Confirmed: Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 over exploding batteries

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(Story updated on September 4, 2016, to include Globe Telecom’s public advisory on the replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units. See update at the end of the article.) his couldn’t have come at a worse time. Just when Samsung is starting to bounce back from a declining market share and its fiercest rival Apple is about to launch the iPhone 7, the Korean manufacturer announced a global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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Your 5-minute video could win you $30,000 with GIFF

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t’s not every day your 5-minute video could win you $30,000 or about P1.4 million. Globe Telecom, through its film-production arm Globe Studios, gives you and other amateur filmmakers the opportunity to showcase your work and make money at the same time, as it kicked off its call for entries to the Globe Independent Film Festival’s 5-minute video challenge.

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IFA 2016: Behold the world’s first curved laptop

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aiwanese manufacturer Acer seems to have pulled out all the stops for the gaming laptop that it just unveiled at this year’s IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin, Germany. Called the Acer Predator 21X, the notebook will go down in history as the world’s first laptop with a curved screen, if you’ve been searching for gaming laptops and hardware to maximise your gaming experience then look no more your search is over.

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Most popular emoji in PH + other emoji facts

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We had tried to steer clear of using emojis — for naught. We’ve finally given in to their power, and today, our messages are littered with them. We’re not alone. Even brands are in on the action, as they target the picture-loving millennial generation with emojis. It’s no wonder then that the world now pays tribute to these digital icons.

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India’s sub-P200 smartphone to start shipping June 30th

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Apparently, it was no fluke, and we’re wishing something like this would come to the Philippines soon enough. Four months after saying it would release a device that will cost only 251 rupees (about P173), Indian start-up Ringing Bells reveals it is ready to deliver the first batch of the world’s cheapest smartphone — 200,000 units of them — starting June 30.

Breaking up with cable TV

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Do you remember the last time you sat through a movie or TV show on cable TV? We don’t. We cut the cord months ago, and our crystal ball predicts we’re never going back now that decent subscription-based video-on-demand services have made their way to the Philippines. For your own setup at home, you may want to consider a streaming box like the ones reviewed on the Coolest Gadgets website. That’s just us. We know that not everyone — perhaps even you — is ready to part ways with the cable companies. We can’t blame you. First, cable TV has …

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New Copywriting Positions Available

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