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Selfie banking now in PH, courtesy of UnionBank

In Games, Apps, and OS by Alora Uy Guerrero3 Comments

E’VE had UnionBank of the Philippines’ EON card since 2013 because we needed it to get our salary from Yahoo. Obviously, we haven’t used it since we left the company because we didn’t even know that a lot of features have been added to it. Well, not until we came across a story that says the bank has introduced selfie banking.

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NBA app now lets you save games for offline viewing

In Games, Apps, and OS by Ramon Lopez18 Comments

HE NBA app for Android and iOS has improved dramatically over the previous months. In fact, it’s one of our favorite streaming apps across both ecosystems because it’s reliable and the interface is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. And because ever since we cut the cord on cable and went all-in on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the like, it’s been our go-to app for watching NBA broadcasts.

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Amazon Prime Video now available worldwide, including PH [UPDATED]

In Business, Games, Apps, and OS by Alora Uy Guerrero4 Comments

E have been Amazon Prime Video users for a while now, using a VPN [virtual private network] connection to be able to watch our favorite shows. But we’ve been monitoring the local Play Store and App Store almost every day since it was announced that Amazon is preparing for a global launch of its streaming-video service. Today, December 14, look at what popped up in our other account!

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The 10 most popular guys in video-game history

In Games, Apps, and OS by Ramon LopezLeave a Comment

EMEMBER the first time you held a joystick or a control pad? Remember the first video-game character you played? Chances are, that protagonist has had a great impact on your life as a gamer. So this week, with news of Super Mario Run coming to mobile in December, we’re paying homage to the guys who have punched, kicked, jumped, fired, rolled, slashed, and stomped their way into making the video-game industry what it is today. The gaming world would have been lost without them. Before getting really into gaming, you should check out VPNs for online games. This will ensure …